Do you yoga?

How often do you make up excuses not to exercise? You are simply ‘far too busy’ to look after yourself.

Sounds silly when I word it like that doesn’t it. The simple fact is if we don’t compromise somewhere in our life then nothing will ever change.

One of the advantages of yoga is that you are exercising in a way that is very mindful (assuming you are following a class) so that covers two things at once. Quite often you don’t even need to change or shower, do you can be back at your desk in 30-45 minutes

I used to love practicing yoga, and took part in a class in Bedford twice a week way back when the world was still young. That stopped around the time Anya was born so it was great that we started working out together during lockdown.

Anya has been exercising with Starshine Yoga for at least 5 years now, every week, without fail. Fortunately the classes have restarted, which she prefers, and I follow the online version.

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