Circuits Classes at Priory Pavilion

You may have gathered that I do rather like music. More than that, I love sharing music. 

Each week I will include the playlist so you can enjoy it too

Circuits at Priory Pavilion 2023

April 12

Holiday freebie session. 

Slightly different purpose with the aim of introducing circuits to a new audience, whilst also progressing the movements for regulars.
The circuit is much shorter in length at ‘only’ 15 minutes, with a much greater emphasis on flexibility as this is an area that it was clear would be very beneficial to everyone (and the feedback afterwards was extremely positive).
There will definitely be more flexibility on the future

here is the iTunes link if you prefer that to Spotify


March 29

Last week of the term!

Managing fatigue with a slightly smaller 6 station circuit, for 6, yes six, rounds. 45 seconds on, 15 off. The constant change means that you don’t fade within the exercise, but the body is still able to build tolerance to the gradually climbing levels of fatigue

here is the iTunes link if you prefer that to Spotify

March 22

The aim in todays class was building on last weeks longer duration exercises by targeting exercise tolerance. All the exercises were chosen to be difficult enough that it was unlikely you could complete 75 seconds for all 3 rounds. What was evident was the challenge was a bit too much on the wrists for the majority, so that will be amended for next week before the Easter break

here is the iTunes link if you prefer that to Spotify

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