What Would It Be Like to Live a Life of Strength and Longevity?

"Exercise feels so difficult"

"No matter what I do it is exhausting"
There is no need to be so hard on yourself. Exercise can be an energising and empowering experience.
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"I'm constantly getting injured"

"I feel so frustrated at missing goals"

By addressing the root causes of your injuries through the process of Muscle Activation TechniquesTM we can break the cycle

"I want to be a better runner"

"I have been trying so hard but I never get anywhere"

Running can be fun! I offer courses for beginners, workshops for improvers, and not forgetting parkrun!

"I'm suffering from Long COVID"

"Will I ever get better?"
Managing your energy will be key. Each case is very individual, and my packages reflect this. You will be empowered to take back control.

"I have used Gareth for over 10 yrs. Over this period I have always been confident to entrust him with my broken body. I have over this time had two hip replacements and several back operations. Gareth as kept me going whilst waiting for operations and rebuilt me afterwards. When planning an “expedition” I always go to him for training and a training plan. HE’S MY GO TO MAN!"
"You have a great way of spotting what needs to change and delivering it in a way that doesn’t offend!!"
"I am definitely stronger and it has done wonders for my balance - and it has also improved my confidence in my abilities. You’re never too old to start training. "

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