You are so scared of your aches, pains and injuries that you dare not move

You might think that all trainers are like Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading. What you need is a comforting and confident hand to guide you through gentle (but progressively challenging) movement and exercise that leaves you happy, relaxed and invigorated.

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You love your sport, but get injured so often that you can no longer enjoy it as frequently as you want to

What you now realise is that you are tired of running around in circles, coming g back to the same injury time and time again. You want to make the necessary changes to get back to injury free sport

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You are at your wits end. You have tried and failed so many times with exercise and losing weight.

You are overwhelmed by information and want to coached through the maelstrom. You are perhaps aware that this is going to be hard work, are you willing to make the sacrifices?

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What I Do

I listen. I get to know you, so I better understand your loves and loathes.

The magic happens when we start moving.







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