I hold you 100% responsible for the overwhelming improvement in my back which I had suffered (and I don’t  use that word lightly) with for 20 years”

Before I met Gareth my life was totally ruled by chronic back pain. It defined my life and who I was as a person.

I did think ‘could I afford it?’  However having just been presented with an idea (from an eminent orthopaedic surgeon specialising in spines) that surgery was no longer an option, and a course to heal the mind soul and possibly body would be an idea and would set me back £4000 I thought what the hell!!?

I immediately felt more positive and confident that it would at least not get worse and that you were never going to accept my whinging or put my back at risk

There is no ‘one’ physical change because there are knock on effects from moving in a totally more relaxed way, so the physical changes are many. However it is nice to see a straight person in my reflection and not a wonky one!

From a personal point of view I cannot describe how nice it is to have the first topic of conversation with someone I know to be about ANYTHING other than my back. I no longer think of myself as someone with a ‘back problem’

As an aside I tell anyone who will listen that you have been a saint in putting up with me and that I hold you 100% responsible for the overwhelming improvement in my back which I had suffered (and I don’t  use that word lightly) with for 20 years. My friends and family who were permanently on edge when I was around are probably also very grateful!!



I cannot stress how much this has changed my life”

My initial approach was to the staff at the gym to inquire about sports. I was told that you would be a better solution in the form of a long term fix rather than a massage.

I was also informed that I was entitled to a free session, I had seen you working in the gym with other client’s and was fascinated by you unusual method of working.

My movement before we started on the program was very limited I could barely walk and was in near constant pain with my back giving me problems every day which to the form of loss of strength and the inability to carry out my daily tasked I had returned to the gym after a long period working away on various projects that required great physical movement and strength to move machine parts.

After our initial session I could tell that your methods were strikingly different and I found I had a greater range of movement, however forever being the sceptic I was dubious to say the least about investing my hard earned cash into this program given that our initial sessions were based on twice a week and indeed cost a lot of money, this said the investment had to be made and I started seeing results very quickly

We are now 4 months in and I have regained full movement and the ability to carry out very strenuous tasks with confidence, my partner is also very pleased with progress as she has seen a physical change in me and this has improved a lot of tasks round the house.

I now work on a daily basis without pain and carry out a lot of physical tasks which would otherwise be contracted out to a much younger and fitter person, in essence the effect that working with Gareth has provided me with has been a sound investment and money very well spent.

I cannot stress how much this has changed my life bearing in mind that I am a 60 year old male and was resigned to heading to be wheelchair bound by the time I was not much older. Now I feel I can take on a good many task’s that otherwise I would have had to employ somebody else to deal with.

I can recommend Gareth as a personal trainer without reservation.



I’m meeting people and making plans that I never would have in a million years before.

The main reason for seeking Gareth was to find a solution to the pain I was suffering when attempting to run. I’d made such a great start when I initially began training for the half marathon that when I started suffering with the shin splints, I decided I wanted to try to overcome the problem somehow rather than just giving up there and then.

The only real reservation I had was financial, at first I only took the short-term view and it did feel like a lot of money to spend just to help me run a half marathon. But when I took the long-term view, I decided that the help and advice I’d likely receive as a result of joining would likely benefit me one way or another for the rest of my life, and from that point of view, it made a lot more sense.

I found the whole process very easy to get along with. Even though I was pushing my boundaries with every session, I never felt like I couldn’t do it or that I had to give up at any point, and it felt great to be shifting muscles around in ways I wasn’t even aware existed before.

The best result was definitely the improvements to my running technique, and by extension, the extra work I wasn’t aware came bundled with attempting a half marathon. At first, the only training plan I had was “run X miles on this day, Y miles on that day” etc. But the introduction of the back and core exercises into my training has benefitted not only my running but my comfort at work too.

The sense of achievement I got in completing the half marathon wouldn’t have been possible before. That has given me the motivation to develop my fitness training into an actual hobby rather than just “something I do every now and then”, and because of that, I’m meeting people and making plans that I never would have in a million years before.



I can honestly say, I am like a new woman.  I have no back pain at all, ever”

I was suffering with back pain and, although I was attending the gym regularly, I still couldn’t stand or walk for long periods without significant pain in my back.  I had seen you working with other people in the gym and you had worked with my partner who highly recommended you to me.

I was really nervous about joining your program as I felt that I would not be able to do the things I had seen other people doing whilst under your instruction.  How wrong I was!  I decided to go ahead as I wanted to be fitter and stronger and because of Richard’s recommendation.

I can honestly say, I am like a new woman.  I have no back pain at all, ever. On the odd occasion I have a slight blip and, for example, get knocked off my snowboard, you have put me back on track in no time at all with your MAT work.

The best physical result I have had is to be able to stand cooking in the kitchen. I used to have to sit down part way through cooking and it’s one of my favourite hobbies.  With no back pain, it’s wonderful!

The best personal result is that everything is better! I have lots more confidence now that I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been!



I sleep longer and don’t fear waking up now as my day starts pain free”

I have been friends with Gareth for a long time, we have a shared interest in rock music and have been to many gigs in the past, recently when I caught up with him, after talking about his chosen career I mentioned to him that I have had severe back problems most mornings upon waking and he mentioned he might be able to help…

Now, I am the first to admit that I was sceptical as I have sought help regarding my back in the past but to no avail, so understandably I was a little cautious and unbelieving at first. Well, how wrong could I be, my scepticism was unwarranted as after two sessions my morning back pain has disappeared and and this is with very few changes to my lifestyle other than having seen Gareth, I now wake up being able to walk easily and enjoy better longer sleep not being woken up by my back kicking in and reminding me that I was in light sleep so was going to bring me out of it!

Working with Gareth has been seamless, from my first visit to my most recent he has been re-assuring and hands on to alleviate the problem with his muscle activation techniques (M.A.T.) and for me the back problems are a fading memory that I hope I forget. I sleep longer and don’t fear waking up now as my day starts pain free, and it’s solely due to Gareth’s understanding of my back problems and techniques in addressing the situation and solving an issue I have had for a long time, for which I thank him from the bottom of my spine!



I am now able to sleep without any pain”

I enjoy running and swimming but have been experiencing some back pain and numbness in my legs and feet whilst doing these activities. It really came to a head when I had increased my training to do another 10k race; the pain was getting worse and worse and even started to affect my sleep.

My son suggested that I should see Gareth (who I also know from parkrun) but I must admit I had my reservations as I had always worked through the pain in the past – this time though I knew something needed to be done as it was just not getting any better.

I arranged to see Gareth and quite frankly he has been amazing; he has helped me deal with the pain, explained where the weakness was and also how to improve my running posture. I am now able to sleep without any pain and whilst there are still a few niggles it is nowhere near as bad as it was.

The one best physical result from our meetings is my posture and the best result was being able to do a gentle 10k that I was nowhere close to achieving before meeting Gareth

I am now busy doing my ‘homework’ of stretches and if need be will have no hesitation of seeing Gareth again in the future.

I am just so pleased to be able to carry on doing what I enjoy. It would have been too easy just to have given in but I am now back training and entered for a 10k at Whipsnade Zoo at the beginning of June.



I could feel a noticeable strengthening and bounce in my legs”

Being honest I initially “stumbled” across Gareth.  I had just decided on doing an Ironman (in seven months time) and was looking for some general conditioning training to help get me into shape with the high level of training I expected to do.  My background is running and I had experienced regular calf problems over the last five years but they had improved over the four months prior to me starting with Gareth.  I hadn’t done much in the way of swimming or cycling aside from spin classes.  I’d noticed Gareth working at the gym and so arranged an initial session.

I had a pretty positive impression straight after the initial assessment session. I could feel a noticeable strengthening and bounce in my legs following the session even just walking around the office at work.  I also felt quite confident that I would finally find a solution to the calf problems I’d experienced over the last five years.

It has very much supplemented my Ironman training.  We’ve steadily worked round my muscle groups and also been able to address some specific problems that arose over the period – one where I hurt my shoulder skiing and another where I had a tightness in my leg following swimming.  In both cases they cleared up pretty quickly.

The best result is being able to cope with the increased frequency of training where I am now training 6-7 days per week and feeling strong.

I now have an increased quality of life – my general health has always been good but I love exercising and I know from previous experience that I feel very frustrated when I am injured so the fact I have been able to get up to my current frequency of training has felt really good!


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