Intervals – Year 3, Week 7

Not quite the plan I had hoped. I recorded an utterly brilliant 5 minute workout overview and analysis this morning. Little did I know that the app I have used for years no longer allows exports without a whopping subscription.

My workaround is four different 3 second videos on YouTube.

The plan for this week is 4 – 6 repetitions of 400m.

If you get it right, then four should be sufficient.

The coaching focus is on power development, using ‘bounding’.

Bounding is a drill that involves you taking longer than usual strides with powerful arms movements. You want to feel that your landing is strong, yet light, with a spring in your step.

Warm up

15 – 20 minutes easy jogging, followed by these 4 drills:

Drill 1 – High Knees. 4 sets of 10 seconds with 20 sec rest

Drill 2 – Skipping. 4 sets of 10 seconds with 20 sec rest

Drill 3 – Long Skipping. 4 sets of 10 seconds with 20 sec rest

Drill 4 – Bounding. 10 sets of 6 strides with 30 sec rest

Feeling very nicely warmed up now? Good. The main set seems short BUT that is because it should be tiring.

The Main Set

4 X 400m at 5k pace with 2 minutes rest. However, the final 100m of each rep is to be done as bounding. Feeling really powerful as you start to pick up the effort, it will be a challenge to maintain the concentration.

Stay focused, and do your best.

Remember to let me know how you get on, post comments and Strava links below

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