About Me

Hi, I'm Gareth Snelson

I am a father to the amazing Anya, as well as being a Personal Trainer and Coach. I am also the founder and event director of Milton Keynes parkrun.

I have been working as a personal trainer since 2003 and have found over the years that simply pushing and encouraging clients to do more more more does not work. I champion a very different approach: Move. Move well. Move often. Move in ways that are no longer detrimental to your health

Let’s work together as a team, understanding your movement, what your body can cope with, how you need to recuperate, and how we can go on this journey though the land of health and fitness. 


periodised training based around your lifestyle


varies depending on your goals and needs


exercise variations based on the individual


experience that boosts your energy

What I Do for Long COVID

Long-COVID is an incredibly complex illness that we are learning more about on a daily basis. You may be feeling exhausted and frustrated at your lack of progress in regaining your health? With my coaching an support you can better understand exactly why you are struggling and what you need to do to empower yourself and take control