Good Guts, week 3

Losing My Religion

That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you
And I don’t know if I can do it


Have faith in the process I tell my clients. This was the week when I had to tell myself the very same. I gave up. It all seemed pointless. But there is a difference between giving up and quitting, walking away…


I am still missing coffee. It isn’t that i need the caffeine, I feel great, full of energy and not desperate for a caffeine hit. I miss the process. Legs feel okay, had a run at lunchtime, they felt a bit tired is all.

Breakfast – Spinach, egg, tomato
Lunch – Salmon, salad & broccoli
Dinner – Lamb stew. coconut yoghurt with mango and pumpkin seeds


Legs feel great today. No aching at all. I ran 13 miles of tough cross country pathways with no specific training, no carbohydrate fuelling or refuelling, and I feel great. This is interesting. Less than 2 weeks until I run the virtual New York marathon with no specific training. I have high hopes. I wonder why there is such a reduced inflammatory response? Could this just be the reduced food intake? it is very counter-intuitive.

Breakfast – Sausage, peppers, onions
Lunch – Salad with hummus
Dinner – Lamb stew with socca


I gave up this morning. Totally lost my faith in myself, couldn’t see the results that have been staring me in the face. How did I lose my religion? Simple. I woke up farting. It had been a gassy night, I had to go the loo at 4am (wee, but felt like needed to poo until I passed wind. Now I think about it, I reckon I have Adult Onset Gripe) BUT, and it is a big ‘but’, giving up is not the same as quitting. At no point have I thought ‘I can’t do this’. But this morning I decided it just wasn’t working. Almost three weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would not stop. There was no way I was going to stop. I just felt I wasn’t getting the result that I had hoped for. The irony there is that, on reflection this evening, it clearly is working. I had one perfectly normal poo this morning, and that has been it. I do feel a little full up tonight, but that is a meal timing issue. Late lunch because I was busy meant no snacks, then busy evening so didn’t eat until 7:30, and was then feeling a bit peckish. Almost certainly because I didn’t drink enough water

Breakfast – Bacon, tomato and spinach
Lunch – Chicken and avocado salad
Dinner – Turkey meatballs with pepper and onion
Snack – Coconut yoghurt with coconut, walnuts and dates


Oh the irony. Funny tummy this morning. I didn’t need the yoghurt last night. I ate in a bit of a hurry, itself an unusual occurrence. The result was feeling less than satisfied, so having a huge serving of (non-dairy) yoghurt when all I needed was a glass of water.

By lunchtime, after my run, I felt great

Breakfast – chicken thigh
snack – egg and tomato
Lunch – spicy beef mince with leeks and peppers
Dinner – chicken thighs, onions & courgettes


Normal service has resumed. feeling great, full of beans. Literally? Sort of. It certainly feels, and smells, like I am full of beans. It isn’t that I am uncomfortable, I just seem to be farting all night long. This is the one thing that has struck me as a step backwards over the past 19 days. I am certainly more in control of my toilet habits. I just seem to be producing even more gas than usual. Evidently something is still out of balance. It is a useful reminder that this Synergy 21 Day Challenge is just the beginning

Breakfast – Chicken thigh & an apple
Lunch – spicy beef mince with leeks and peppers
Dinner – lamb stew with socca.


“Ooh!” says Jan, “I can see your abs”

Well, that was nice to hear. I was tensing, and there is a layer of fat over the top, but yes, they are there. Feeling rather good.

Another busy day with family, cooking, and not exercising enough. No stomach issues to report I know it has been a bit of a lamb stew overload. It is soooo nice, and an easy one to batch cook. We have got 12 servings out of just over a kilo of lamb.

Bacon, tomato, and spinach
Lunch (very late) – lamb stew with socca
Dinner – light snack – carrot, pepper, tomatoes, sauerkraut, hummus, crackers (GF, almond)


All I can think of is coffee. Okay, not completely true. I am also thinking of wine, cake and home-baked sourdough. We often seem to achieve very little on the weekend, but today is different. Just got up and cracked on with it. The spare bedroom is almost finished, just a bit of tidying up to make it look pretty, and get the TV working. My mindset has certainly changed in three weeks. Almost certainly because I feel so much more rested. Measurements and a call with Jon tomorrow, and I will share the results later in the week.

Breakfast – boiled eggs with GF almond crackers
Lunch – salad with hummus, olives & Saurkraut
Dinner – chicken stir-fry

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