Daily Habits – Choose Joy

Feeling inspired by BrainPickings today. It is a subject I was going to write about eventually, and today seems to be a good starting point.

I don’t mean ‘choose joy’ in the sense of Trainspotting. Nor am I referring to joy to the detriment of sadness and our other feelings a la Inside Out.

I want you to see how miraculous the world we live in can be. There is an awful lot wrong with it, as anyone that has watched Davis Attenborough’s ‘A Life On Our Planet’ on Netflix will attest. But there is so much right with it. So much beauty, if only we would open our eyes. Open our eyes and CHOOSE to look. Look, and choose to smile at what they see.

Choose joy and you will see the world as a 3 year old does. Wonderment with every turn.

Stop making choices that make you feel miserable. Make sure there is joy to be had around your house. Look for joy EVERYWHERE. It is easy to see it in the light streaming through autumn leaves, in a book, in your child. You have to work harder to see how amazing a foggy day can be. Or graffiti. Or something as simple as a bar of soap.

Choose to see with wonder.
Choose to smile
Choose to be kind and gentle in your actions
Choose joy.

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