Intervals – Year 3, Week 8

Time for a break?

No chance! I rearranged the week upon hearing of the lockdown plans, So it was less than 24 hours notice for bookings. Sadly many of you had to work on Tuesday, and others were not well so there was just the 4 of us for a re-enforcement of last weeks session, followed by a 1 mile time trial.

The details are all below because I know your burning question will be “what next?”

Intervals will continue through lockdown

Fortunately I am still able to see clients on a one to one basis outside, and I have i upped the online Zoom training and coaching. It is far from ideal, but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. I am going to continue with running the interval session each week so keep following the posts. I will aim to produce them every Tuesday with a plan that follows all the way through to Christmas. At this point we will all take a well deserved break.

Smile if you mean it

The coaching focus this week was a repeat of last weeks power development using ‘bounding’.

4 x 400m at 5k pace with the final 150m change to the exaggerated bounding. great to see consistent times on these. After a longer break we then did a 1 mile time trial. Each lap I was feeding back with the number of seconds in front, or behind, the plan. You can do this yourself by setting your Garmin to 400m intervals with zero rest.

Interesting to see that the times were slower today, especially when compared to two weeks ago when we did 5k pace then 1 mile pace. Maybe conditions that day were perfect. Certainly it felt a lot colder today. The overall effort was clearly high because everyone looked shattered after the 1 mile. We will know more about the pacings being right as we up the volume of repeats over time.

Again it was great to see such consistency AND the ability to kick and increase the pace as the fatigue built towards the end.

Taking part

As we are now in lockdown you can take part, and get feedback on your runs. All you need to do is post your splits in the comments (together with Strava/GC link) and I will add your times to the sheet for each session.

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