How a coach can help you

Coaching creates this wonderful symbiotic relationship with itself in the practice of coaching skills

The more you coach, the more you see the potential in yourself, and in others.

The more you develop the potential in others, the better you want to be. The better you want to be, the more you learn and implement.

The more you implement, the better you get, the more you want to coach!

I love reading about coaches.

When I first started i would be overwhelmed by all the information I was trying to absorb. Nowadays I find my focus has shifted toward selecting elements that will work with me and my clients. Taking notes, scribbling in margins, highlighting key areas I can work on.

Understanding how their approach can help me to become a better coach.

There was a great article in The Guardian this week with Thomas Gronnemark.

You may have heard of him before, his world record for a throw-in, 51.33 metres stood for a decade until bested by Michael Lewis with an incredible 59.81m in 2019.

bonus: see them both chatting here

Gronnemark has also been the throw-in coach for Liverpool FC since 2018. Klopp’s made such a difference to the team since joining them, giving the players the belief they were missing. It is no wonder that they have become more successful recently when you see the quality of expertise he has brought to the club.

By now you will be wondering, how can a throw-in coach help me?

Here are five takeaways:

  1. Coach intelligence. Technique, yes. precision, yes, and the why. Why you need to move in a particular way, and how that will improve your overall ability
  2. Be the expert
  3. Be ethical in your approach
  4. Explain your philosophy. Not everyone will get it, that is fine, but those that do will be very thankful.
  5. Shout about what you do. “If you’re proactive and get things moving,” he says, “a little tweet could change your life.”

The first three, I already do:

  1. Coaching the movement, explaining the purpose. rehearsing, practicing, focusing on the process, not the goal.
  2. I am the go to trainer for those of you stuck in an injury cycle. People just like you, who need a focused, nuanced, approach that is all about you and your ability.
  3. I feel I am ethical, and I hope that you will call me out if you beg to differ.

And that is how I, as a coach, can help you. Bringing out the best in your ability.

What please me is that my writing project, #500daysofattitude, gives me the opportunity to address 4 & 5

The more I develop my writing skills, the better able I am to explain my philosophy, and the more I can shout about what I do.

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