Daily Habits – Reading

Read and Grow Rich

Gareth Snelson

Reading is so important to me. It has benefits far beyond the simple, obvious one of learning, or the joy the of the written word.

But, like everything else, you need to prioritise it if you want reading to have a positive impact on your life.

Do I spend enough time reading?


I think I would struggle to read enough even if I retired. I do have what could be called ‘a bit of a problem’ when it comes to books. Working for Amazon, back in the days when all they sold was books, didn’t help. But I was lost way before that:
I have always loved books. I remember I would do the summer reading challenges at the local library. I picked up The Wonderful Tale of Henry Sugar, and returned it that evening. That same Putnoe Library introduced me to Anne McCaffrey, James Herbert, Stephen King, Tom Sharpe, PG Wodehouse and, most obviously, Terry Pratchett. I got into trouble at middle school for daring to enter the ‘big kids’ section. In english I would generally have completed the book we were reading that term by the end of the first week, if not before. I have a very distinct memory of my teacher asking me to not give away the storyline to The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler. Another of reading out loud from The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole which left me, and the rest of 5L3, as a giggling mess.

Simply put, I adore stories, I cannot stop myself buying books. Having a Kindle hasn’t helped because I don’t have a visual of the books I am buying. It is ‘only ‘ a list.

Books are a place of wonder. The second you pick one up you can enter a different world. Leave the troubles of this one far behind. For me, books are a source of comfort, and a place of mindfulness, a source of solace.

All too often reading has become a guilty pleasure. This is utter madness.

Books are where we read, and grow rich. Books can teach us everything we will ever need to know. Books are entertaining, informative, educational, inspirational.

And that is why I read every day.

In case you are wondering, This is my current reading list. And yes, I am very aware this goes completely against my usual reminder to focus on ‘one thing at a time’:

The Body – Bill Bryson (audio). Educational. It is amazing what we take for granted
The Clever Guts Diet – Michael Mosley (Kindle) My main educational book as I learn more about my digestive system
Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink (Kindle). Mindset. actually just finished it but making some notes from it.
The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday (Kindle) 1 page a day for mindset.
Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman – Richard P Feynman (Kindle) Biography. I love reading about other people. This is something lighter after a couple of books on astrophysics.
The Fellowship of the Ring – JRR Tolkien. Fifth reading I think, but first in at least 15 years.
Family at The Lookout – Noreen Shelley. I had this as a child, and picked up a copy on Abebooks to show Anya, after the Australian Wildfires sparked my memory. Haven’t actually read past the first chapter yet.
Slaying The Dragon – Michael Johnson. Re-reading my favourite mindset book
(I am also on issue 25 of Like The Wind magazine, for writing and running inspiration. A short read I can fit in at any time.)

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