Daily Habits – The Non-Negotiable

In the daily rush that we call life it is oh so easy to let a day, week, month, or even year slip by.
Constant goal-setting leads to missed deadlines, burnout, a loss of control and repeated failures.

Instead of a goal, set a non-negotiable.

An activity that is an important part of the process towards achieving your goal. An activity that you will do today, no matter what the world throws at you.
You start with one a day, no more, to make significant progress.
I can be as simple as “ring mum”. As long as you do it.

I was pushing the boat out today.
1. Complete gloss work in the spare room
2. Run the Bronx 10 mile virtual race
3. Write this!

A foolish endeavour, as it is 9:50pm on a Sunday night, but I have done it. Lessons learned, front load writing in the week so I have banked articles ready and scheduled.

Le Tour can wait until the morning

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