Take your Meds.

I saw this on facebook this week, and it so good I just had to share it.

Mindset MEDitation

Movement MEDitation

Muscle MEDitation

Mobility MEDitation

Majestic Nature MEDitation

5 pillars to daily living. To feel grounded, grateful, relaxed and focused

As I have written previously, I have been a long term proponent of meditation. There is so much to be said for just stopping and focusing on the present.

Not quite the same a mindfulness, when you pay attention to what you are doing, this is about stopping, being present and non-judgemental.

Mindset MEDitation

Do something positive as soon as you wake up. Something that make you feel good. Read a Pam Ayres poem, watch a positivity video, listen to your favourite song. Write a grateful log.

Movement MEDitation

Get moving, get outside if you can. It does not have to be intense, just gently raising your pulse, feeling your breathing labour slightly, your whole body warming up.

Muscle MEDitation

Be aware of what you are doing, rather than going through the motions. This is something I need to better explain in a separate series. in brief, feel the tension in your muscles as you slowly move. deliberately tense them up more to heighten the experience.

Mobility MEDitation

Stretch, be aware of what feels good, what is awkward, what is tight and painful. Gently ease in and out of positions so it stays reasonably comfortable. Stretching should not be painful in the extreme.

Majestic Nature MEDitation

When I was out running on Sunday evening I had this incredible sense of my surroundings. The age of the trees. Beyond them, the flowing landscape of fields and hedgerows stretching out for miles around. The gentle heat a low, late summer, sun, strobing through the hedgerow to play tricks on my eyes. As I pushed my ability to sustain a challenging pace

Soon after, the effort gets to me, playing tricks on me.

The metallic red question mark floated across my vision as a battled up the final, long, steep, hill.

Why? Before revealing itself as an escaped balloon from a nearby party, leaving a distraught five year old in its wake.

As I continue to gain height I put on the faux fatigue of a gallic aggressor cycling up the early stages of Mont Ventoux. Panicked at the sight of strangers driving past I try a smile, but the effort really is there now, the attempt becomes a grimace. No stoic mask as I reach the top and give thanks to the countryside for providing me with the opportunity to work hard and appreciate the world around me.

That has taken practice, you can simply walk, or even step out of your front door and look up. There is so much to be grateful for, so much to remind us how small and insignificant we are in the universe, and that there really is no point in worrying about what has happened, and what might happen. Focus on doing your absolute best in the here and now.

With thanks to Coach Peter Twist for the idea.

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  1. Someone once told me, when wondering what to write “Just write to the page”. Almost as if you are talking to it. It can be amazing what you write.
    You are doing great. Well done!

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