If You Only Ever Read One Book, Make It This One.

There are two major influencers behind my decision to write every day:

David Hieatt, a former Saatchi + Saatchi executive, founder of Howies, and owner of two of my favourite brands, The Do Lectures and Hiut Denim.

David is a big part of this story, but not for today. Today is all about Tim Ferriss

Tim’s first book, “The 4 Hour Work-Week” has sold over 2 million copies since it’s release in 2007

I have never even opened my copy.

Instead, it was his podcast interview with Hugh Jackman that got my creative juices flowing.

I was doing a lot of work rebuilding the patio and felt I should be using the thinking time more productively, so started playing the podcast and Hugh was talking so much such sense.

My head was all a whirl with ideas on daily habits I could (re)instill, and then all these other interviews were mentioned, at which point I started falling into The Rabbit Hole, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of interviews, over 400 to date.

Where to start? Wherever I turn I am being motivated! I dont have the time! Where are the real nuggets? Was there a quicker way?

Actually, yes.

Renewing my Audible subscription (£5 for three months, thank you Amazon Prime) I started listening to “Tools of Titans”

This book is full of the distilled wisdom of his guests from the first few years of The Tim Ferriss Show.

And this is why I feel you should all read it.

  • You can pick and choose what you want to take on board. Not everything will resonate, and that is totally okay.
  • You can dip in and out, it doesn’t have to be a linear read
  • It is full of surprises. 

Maria Popova (Brain Pickings) has been the stand-out so far (So far? It is 22 hours and 41 minutes hours long!). 

I have taken a break from the book to listen to her full interview as It was her words that made me go “YES!”

Why is it that a simple interview can give such a huge shift in your belief system? 

Right place,

right time, 

right frame of mind, 

another wonder of resonance.

You will see from the photo that it is clearly not the audiobook, simply because it is that good.  That good that I was compelled to  purchase a second hand paperback that I can despoil with annotations. 

I still have some mindset work to go with this, as it feels wrong to write in books (even though i did it all the time when I was at uni) so I will have to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. There is so much in the book that I will share with you in the future, and I need notes to help get my thoughts in order.

If you want to become a more brilliant version of yourself you cannot ask for a more powerful resource, a more perfect book, a more positive start to your journey of self-improvement. Full of incredible ideas and charismatic characters I feel it has had a huge impact on my mindset. Do you want yours to shift too? Or are you comfortable just getting by, fearful of what might go wrong rather than all the opportunities it can bring?

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  1. The Hugh Jackman/Tim Ferriss podcast you recommended propelled me to take more actions to be mindful and helped me discover Brené Brown. I’ve been hooked on her “Unlocking Us” podcasts since – I keep meaning to thank you for the initial recommendation that led me to this new phase of self focus. Thanks Gareth!

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