Albums I love – The Miracle

Albums you will love, especially if you are me. 

Queen – The Miracle

Todays thought is “don’t listen to your own stupid head, it has no idea what it is talking about”

I have a very distinct memory of first listening to this album, round at Russell’s, with Steve & Richard. It was May 1999. My vinyl, bought straight after school that day from Andy’s Records, but Russ was recording it to tape for me. No idea why I couldn’t do this at home myself, maybe I didn’t want to?

Anyway, when I listened back to the tape I was livid. Somehow, the lads had recorded their own voices over the top of Invisible Man, yelling incomprehensible nonsense.

The real nonsense was in my own head, because you can’t dub voices directly over a record unless you have the right kit, microphone etc.

Why on earth did I think they had done that? I suspect it had a lot to do with general teenage pranks, often led by myself. So I assumed I was getting as good I gave.

Why do we listen to ourselves, fill our own heads with doubt, when all the evidence in front of our very eyes is to the contrary?

It is so easy to focus on the negative, it takes practice to ignore that doubting voice. That is the point.


Keep going, small steps, don’t give up, don’t lose hope. Keep the spark.

This is such a happy album. The party really does start on a high with ‘Party/Kashoggis Ship”

“I Want It All” is 4 minutes 41 seconds of heavy rocking motivation

I’m a man with a one-track mind
So much to do in one lifetime
Not a man for compromise and ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’ and living lies
So I’m living it all 
And I’m giving it all

What I have noticed is that a lot of songs that I adore have got these messages that perhaps I never noticed before. They are telling me to live a full life, to share my love, my knowledge and experience. To help people in bigger and better ways. To reach out to more people that have the problems I can help with. Those that are fearful of exercise, who get injured frequently, who feel lost and confused by the glut of information that is in front of them day in day out, that are too tired to focus, let alone figure out what they should do, that want to improve their lives, their health, and just don’t know where to turn.

For them I say

If I could only reach you
If I could make you smile
If I could only reach you
That would really be a breakthrough


(Breakthru) These barriers of pain
(Breakthru) Yeah, to the sunshine from the rain
Make my feelings known towards you
Turn my heart inside and out for you now

The album speaks again!

What is there left for me to do in this life
Did I achieve what I had set in my sights
Am I a happy man or is this sinking sand
Was it all worth it was it all worth it
Yeah now hear my story let me tell you about it

Yes, It was (and is) worth it.

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