How to Fix Missing Strava Flyby

You might have noticed something weird on your Strava Overview this week. The Flyby is missing. Why is it missing? And how can you fix this missing flyby? Strava have not made a big song and dance about it, and it seems it only happened because a Twitter user pointed out how easy it would be to stalk women out running alone as, unless they had full privacy settings, you can click on their profile. Quite rightly Strava have responded by making the adjustment. The downside is that is seems I am running in a ghost town.

The good news is that it is really easy to fix a missing Strava flyby, and as a result you will be able to watch at least a few of us on our runs.

You can watch my video here or follow these simple instructions

How to fix your missing Strava Flyby

Fixing your missing Strava flyby is not difficult at all. Remember why it has been taken away? Simply reverse the privacy setting.

Once you have logged in to Strava you need to click on your profile pic (top right)

On the drop down select settings

On the left hand side chose Privacy Controls

On Flyby change the drop down on “Who can see” from ‘no-one’ to ‘everyone’ then click OK

And that is it. Told you fixing the missing Strava Flyby would be easy.

This might be a good time to check your other security settings and ensure they are updated to your satisfaction.

Mine are public, so you can stalk me here

8 thoughts on “How to Fix Missing Strava Flyby”

  1. Mine are private as I had an actual stalker who would watch where I’d run and then message me to make comments about my route/speed/how I must have looked. He knew pretty much where I lived and then googled my husbands company through companies house to get my actual address and would post me things. I think I’ll leave it broken 🙂

        1. thanks Dave, yes I would agree with your point. Better notification from Strava! Lot of cynicism in the comments on your link, which does make me wonder of maybe we will lose it

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