Intervals – Year 3, Week 5

Another lucky break in the weather for this weeks session. Singular, not plural you will note. That was because I made a bit of a mistake. I was almost ready to head off on Tuesday morning when I got a message from one of the group asking if the session was on as they couldn’t book on. Yes, well, that would be because I was a week behind where I should have been, and hadn’t emailed in to have the session added. Amateur error, for which i apologise. Luckily there was still time to add on the Thursday session, and I was extremely pleased to see so many book on at very short notice.

This weeks focus was on running skill, as opposed to running fast for the sake of it. After the warm up we could afford to stand around without shivering, and we discussed the awareness (or lack) of running. Understanding how the sensation of running can alter the experience.

Specifically we were building awareness of the push-off phase of the running stride. After working through the ‘paw the ground’ drill we moved to a deliberate effort to feel the foot hit the floor, drive into the ground and flick the heel to propel you forwards. This included a ‘gears’ drill, with evident pace increases simply by putting greter effort into the heel flick.

Finally, we did a timed loop of the Tattenhoe Park hill loop 900m segment

My run is here and for those of you who like to watch the session on a flyby afterwards please note that you need to adjust your privacy settings or you will not be shown (I appreciate that many of you prefer it this way, and that is fine too). I have embeded the video guide at the bottom of the post


These times have no context yet. We will see what happens when we repeat this session.

How to adjust your Strava Privacy Settings

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