500 Days of Attitude

You know when you get that feeling that you absolutely MUST do something, no matter how difficult it might be, regardless of the hurdles that will thrown your way.,nothing is going to stop this great idea from reaching fruition?

I have been fortunate that I have a successful track record for following dreams: travelling, work, retraining as a PT, parkrun.

All of these I embraced knowing it was the right thing to do, and it was going to be a success.

Writing? not so much so. When I first started writing, it was because I wanted to shout about what I did, and get more clients.  My first email list (Excel & gmail!) was to engage with clients. More recent lists took time to build a small readership but I was always thinking of them as a marketing tool. 

Then I started listening to Tim Ferriss.

So many positive outcomes, so many messages that cried out “YES!” to me. Once you realise that you can write for yourself, all the stress, all the blocks, disappear. I have so much to offer you, but I am doing this for myself, as a cathartic exercise. Or perhaps it is an exorcise? With my head full of ideas that twist and coil, demanding my energy and attention as much as Anya ever has done.

Obviously I would like you all to read my prose. I want you to read it, and feedback, so I can get better.

I want to write because I have thinking about it for years but never fully embraced the idea. My head is full of 20 years of training and almost 50 years of stories. 

A quick Google (in September 2020) revealed I have just over 500 days until my 50th leaps out of the cake shouting “surprise!” so I came up with an idea to commit Big, and I mean really BIG. 

I am going to publish a blog post every day for 500 days.

What can go wrong?!

To make sure that you get the very best of these musings, tools, tips and resources I am releasing a newsletter, delivered to you every Friday. 

I totally understand if you’re too busy to comment, and thank you for reading this far. The sign up is here

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