Why The Marmalade Sandwich Is A Great Snack

Did you see the Jubilee concert on Saturday? Apart from surprising myself with how entertaining it all was, the real highlight was the Paddington Bear sketch featuring HRH. The perfect level of humour and it reminded me of my childhood and, thanks to that wonderful bear, our frequent demands for marmalade sandwiches.
As often happens when I’m out I was asked if marmalade sandwiches are a great snack. You might find the answer surprising. Like anything carb based it is much maligned these days but, actually, it can make a great snack, and here is why –
Why marmalade sandwiches are a great snack:
1. Most importantly, they are delicious
2. They are quick and easy to make, and easily fit under a hat, or in a handbag.
3. Less than half the calories of a Costa muffin
4. Switch the white bread for seeded sourdough and you have almost as much protein as in an Eat Natural protein bar.
The Queen and Paddington Bear having afternoon tea as we ask if a marmalade sandwich is a great snack

Are marmalade sandwiches really a great snack?

This isn’t to say that you should be having marmalade sandwiches as a snack!
Firstly we need to ask if it is congruent to our goals? If you are looking to lose weight then the answer is probably not, as snacks should not be required if we are properly controlling our calorific intake and blood-sugar balance. If you are training hard , and require additional calories then there is no reason why you could not, on occasion, have a marmalade sandwich. Ideally you would have a slice of seeded sourdough bread as that will give you around 6 grams of protein, half the amount as from the Eat Natural choc orange protein bar1
If the choice is between a coffee shop muffin2 or a marmalade sandwich then it is a no-brainer, with two slices of bread3 and a tablespoon of marmalade4 coming in around 230kcal,  only half the calorific intake of a ‘sweet treat’ from Costa.
The choice is yours. Like anything else, there is no harm if it is part of a balanced, healthy, dietary habit that is serving your health goals.
What are your favourite snacks? and why?

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