Slow down

My first PT mentor was a Tasmanian performance coach that I met at the FitPro Convention at Loughborough, close on 15 years ago. Andrew May said something in that lecture theatre that has stuck with me ever since.

slow down

Andrew May

He called the concept ‘hapa, hapa’. A Swahili term, translated as ‘slowly, slowly’.

We are always running at 14,000 rpm, fearful to stop, and burning out in the process.

When was the last time you had a chilled out date-night?

A walk in the park?

A whole day off?

How about a weekend away?

Have you even gone away on holiday this year?

Just because we are in some form of lockdown does not mean you can’t take a break. Maybe you were fortunate, like I was, to have some time away over the summer. If not, did you take some time out to have day trips? Or even veg in front of the TV for a weekend?

In his book, “Flip The Switch”, Andrew talks of booking your holidays as you key priority for the year.

Have at least 2 weeks away of at least 7 days duration at a time, time with your partner (without the kids) and a weekend away every quarter.

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