The Voice In Your Ear

What do you do with the voice in your ear?

This is me tonight

Chimp me – “don’t write, its only one day, You know you want to watch The Gentlemen”

PT-on-your-shoulder-me – “Quality, not quantity. Give them something to think about. You can’t give up at the second hurdle”

It would be so easy to reach for the easy reward:

“One more drink. You know you want to”

‘It’s only a slice of cake, I can start the diet next week’

‘It is too difficult, give up, go home where it is warm and dry’

‘Why bother, you have a year to go, go and have fun instead’

A lie is always easy. The Truth, the real truth, requires guts and determination. It requires a second voice in your ear. Gentle, and strong.

“Do, there can be no try”

Do. There can be no try.

Pretty much all my clients say that they can hear me, sat on their shoulder, when they have a choice:

To take the quick and easy, fun, route away from their goal. Or follow the tough path, the long journey, towards their goal.

The voice in your ear. “you can do this. I believe in you. I have your back. Just do it”

Which one do you listen to?

Because it isn’t about what I can do for you during a training session that is important. It is what I can help you, coach you, to do by yourself. that is where we both make a difference.

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