The No Caffeine Chronicles

Are You ready To Commit?

Not to just say it, but to mean it. Mean it from the depths of your soul. To feel the success that is yet to come, knowing that everything you say and do is a step towards the change you have decided to make. Because if you want to change the direction you are moving along you need to be totally committed, 100%, all in, no excuses.

That is why I find myself at 4 in the afternoon, snacking on a carrot and peanut butter. Wondering what is going to happen to me as I go without caffeine.

No caffeine. For three whole weeks.

Remember, change comes at a cost. And the cost is that YOU have to change.

I have had digestive issues for years. They have been going on for so long that I don’t even remember them starting. The situation had taken a very definite change for the worst in the past 3 years.

I poo a lot.

There, I have said it now. It isn’t just the frequency (”and the stench” I hear Jan yelling up the stairs). I now find I have to go in a hurry, with very little notice. That is not a nice place to be. It is at its worst in the mornings but there is often plenty of pooping in the afternoons. Telling my tale of woe to a PT friend of mine, he offered a possible solution, a 21 day program to sort out my gut bacteria that he himself had followed, and now sells. I was intrigued, but wanted to try by myself first. 3 months of caffeine reduction, loads of natural yoghurt, earlier nights, and more focus on my eating habits and I find in the same situation as before, only more frustrated and 2 kilos lighter. I appreciate I am not normal, most would be happy to lose weight, but I am want to gain it. Or at the very least, not lose any more during the challenge. I must admit that my waist has thickened in recent years though. That will be measured.

So I have committed. As with the #500daysofattitude I have committed big.

For 21 days

Not just daily supplements, but a change to the diet that is restrictive when it comes to ‘lazy’ calories.

No booze. sob!sob!

No caffeine. Seriously WTF?

No dairy. (it can be hard to digest)

No grains (same)

No sugar (it will feed all the bacteria, good and bad) and that means no cake, no biscuits. no baking.

No baking

Aiming to eat fresh. No packets of mixed root veg crisps, no ready meals.

No caffeine. So bad, I had to say it twice.

To cope with this I went out on Friday for beers and a curry with my mates. Saturday was a big stew and 2 desserts. Sunday I had my favourite Lebanese coffee.

And here we are, on Day One. Munching carrots

It is not that different to my usual eating habits. The only real differences are that I am making sure that I do eat all my snacks, as I would often skip them and end up making up for it with loads of carbs and oversized servings at night. And there will be no cheat day.

I have just realised that I have not done all my measurements. I will add them to the end of week post, as I want to be fully open and honest with you all. Primarily I want this to be a success so that I feel better. the bonus for you is that if (when!) i feel better, I may be able to help you too. This is entirely conditional on me staying committed to make sure it does work. If it doesn’t, you won’t find me promoting it.

Todays notes:

Day One, Monday

Breakfast 1 egg omelette with mushroom.

snack. (post run) watermelon and brazil nuts

Lunch. chicken with onions, peppers and asparagus

afternoon snack. carrot with peanut butter.

Dinner. Turkey chilli meatballs with courgettes

Ran 11km in 1 hour, much faster pace than planned. no wonder legs felt tired. Headache started about 4pm. Only then did i realise I had hardly drunk anything all day.

Poop Count. 3

06:50 08:00 08:50

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