Intervals – Year 3, Week 2

It is all in your head.

Fight it, or go with it. You decide. Two different outcomes to the same run.

It was a blustery day.

On the opening, warm-up, lap it was clear that the wind was going to be against us all the way around the 400m loop. How do you cope with that? You could fight against the wind, pushing hard, grimacing at the effort, struggling to breathe, tensing up. You ‘could’.

What if, instead, you relaxed, went with the flow. saved your energy. Accepted it will be a challenge and moved with the wind. Staying upright, feeling strong, relaxing your breathing. That subtle difference between working hard, and working smart.

4 repetitions of 400 m with a loose 60 seconds resting, followed by 2 further reps after a longer 2-4 minute rest. Target of repeating all reps in the same time at 5k/sub 5k pace.

Strava link to the segment

Bob totally smashed it, taking the star pupil prize for his consistency. What was interesting was that everybody (except Bob) slowed down after the longer recovery. A pep talk about relaxing again before the last interval saw most of you getting faster. in some instances, quite significantly.


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