Don't have a good Christmas, have a GREAT Christmas!!

It’s December! Time for Christmas parties, tasty treats and perhaps some boozy lunches. How many times have you already said “I’ll start my health kick in January.” 

But taking control of your health isn’t a January or even a December issue – it’s about building good habits for the long term. Small incremental changes now will gear you up – and to put it simply, a few mince pies won’t undo good habits if you start to introduce them now!

Make the decision now

Don’t wait until January 1st. Get started now. 

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Follow my five simple steps

Get In the mood

Sure, you’ve got a few Christmas events coming up but why not build in some ‘you’ time right at the start.

Choose what you want

Whether that’s exercise, relaxation, crisp wintery walks or to have a guilt free Christmas dinner with all the trimmings…..and some presents of course!

Believe Santa and yourself - the big man is a given, but do you believe in your own abilities, to get moving, to make small, but life transforming, changes to your habits?

Decide what needs to be down

Whether its signing up for some sessions with me, downloading my free guide or simply getting your trainers on and going for a walk or run, make that decision and commit to it.

Get on with it

you have put in all the difficult work by planning your holiday season out, now take action.

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Author spotlight

A personal trainer since 2003, Gareth has seen over the years that the traditional training mantra of “no pain, no gain” simply does not work for most people. His philosophy of quality, purpose and process has helped hundreds of clients.

Gareth is also the founder and event director of Milton Keynes parkrun, which 10% of the population of Milton Keynes have taken part in.


Love it? I can’t wait to hear your success stories