Are you an injured runner?

Mary: ‘I seem to spend as much time being injured as I do running!’

Where you are at

No matter how much you rest, stretch, foam roll, massage and compress the same old injuries just keep coming back. Only now it seems like they are getting more frequent.

Resting reduces the pain but as soon as you pick up any mileage again you get hurt

You want to get faster, but right now you just want to run for the bus without suffering

You keep getting your diagnosis via the internet but that doesn’t seem to help

You are frustrated and no longer feel you can ever enjoy running again

What you need help with right now

You want answers.

You need a personalised plan, not just a program

You want to work on your weaknesses and be told exactly what to (and not to) do

You want to know that you have the right shoes

You want to get running, no matter how slowly or shortly, as soon as is humanly possible

You want to be treated like the athlete you want to be

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