Spitting Fire

Have you noticed that drop in posts? The reduction in newsletters? The low number of Facebook posts?

Quite simply, I have not been in the mood to write much recently, well nothing for polite society anyway. I have a few angry first drafts that won’t ever see the light of day. This is, of course, just an excuse. If I had a writing schedule and a subject plan I could have wrung some words out.

After avoiding the news for 4 1/2 days I have since allowed myself too much free rein and fallen back into the habit of getting angry at the opinions and actions of others. I have tried to stay politically neutral with my writing, but you know what? I need to have a little bit of bias. Honesty is more important. I am writing about love, not hate; looking forwards, not back; standing up for what I know is right, for what I believe in, being proud of my stance. (maybe being Welsh helps this at the moment)

The recent news that yet another rat has jumped ship could well have driven me over the edge, but interestingly, it is having the opposite effect:
Getting mad gets you nowhere, getting even is the way forwards.
Channel the frustration, use it to focus on what its important (my family and my clients) allow the anger to dissipate.

I want you to know that my struggles are no different to yours and there is a way forwards, and new direction, with light at the end of the tunnel that is not an oncoming train.

Do as I do.

We are so easily distracted that it is a wonder that anything ever happens. So what do others do?

No facebook
No internet
No news
No email
No pop-up alerts (A distraction free environment)
They have a plan
They follow specific tasks
They have a focussed outcome

[Aside: As I wrote this I had to resist distraction 4 5 times]

Is this a miracle cure? Hell no. In the same way that one PT session won’t ‘fix’ you, this is simply a gentle nudge in the right direction (unless you don’t have a direction to travel in, in which case please hang on for a couple of days).

So tune out of the distracting and destructive atmosphere. Plan what you want to do (in no more than 5 minutes). Chose just one task to complete and follow that through to its end.

Afterwards you can reward yourself with a cuppa and writing a message to me saying how you got on.


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