everyone asks me ‘how is your back?’ rather than ‘how are you?’

Where you are at

You have been living with your pain, be it back, shoulder, hip, knee, for so long now that it has slipped in to your personality.

You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

You want the old, pain-free, version of yourself to return and find that massage or physiotherapy only reduces the discomfort for a few hours or days

You are waiting for someone to treat the root cause of your problems

What you need help with right now

You want answers

You know that the road ahead could be a troubled one but it is better than feeling you are on the road with juggernauts driving over you

You want to be told that there is hope and to actually have the belief that goes with that.

You want to be told exactly what to do, what is safe to do, and what should be avoided.

You want to see recordable progress and a reduction in pain levels

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