Will I benefit from training with you?

Anyone that wants to be moving more freely, feel stronger and have greater energy will benefit.

My programs are particularly beneficial to people with, perhaps long-term, pain discomfort and stiffness issues thanks to my use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).

Do I have to train five days a week

No, you do not ‘have’ to but I will be expecting you to move very frequently. If you truly want to change then you should understand right now that there will be sacrifices and compromises to be made but I do give you options that fit around your lifestyle and I will let you know what the consequences are too.

So it is all about training hard every day then?

No, it is about understanding your body and how it reacts to the stresses being put upon it. It will be challenging, certainly, but that is not the same as training stupidly. And with the mobility work you are just lying there and making tiny, almost effortless movements.

That sounds better, so I can just lie there and have a snooze then, great.

Not exactly, I do expect your full attention for the hour, as I give you mine. The greatest changes take place because of what you learn, understand, and implement from the sessions.

Do I have to eat vegetables

Yes. This is non negotiable

But I don’t like water, can I just have diet cola instead.

No. I did say that sacrifices will have to be made.

I have tried lots of things before. What makes you different?

Pain comes on many different forms. I look at your whole body to understand how a lack of muscle function in perhaps just one area can be affecting whole other areas. If your pain is related to a loss of muscle function then I can help. If your pain is due to breakdown in the joint then I may be able to reduce the rate of deterioration. If it is wholly a joint problem we will be able to identify this during your free assessment and point you in the direction of other professionals who will be better suited to your needs.

I want to lose weight too, can you help with this?

Losing weight should be looked at as improving body composition. There is no point to losing weight if you are losing muscle at the same time. If you are wholly focussed on simply losing weight whilst disregarding the long-term health implications then I am not the trainer for you.

What results can I expect?

You can feel more mobile and in less discomfort almost immediately and will be on the road to full recovery in as little as six weeks. It really does depend on the nature of the problem. It could be that a far more long term solution is needed.

Will I be expected to continue personal training in the long term?

Not necessarily, no. I offer different solutions depending on your circumstances and how quickly you want to make changes.

What is the MAT you mentioned earlier?

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a specific process used to evaluate an individual ability to contract muscle using a unique series of checks and balances to identify the root causes of problematic movement and its associated pain.

MAT is referred to as a “process” as there are hundreds of muscles and joints to be evaluated in order to uncover the muscular issues that could be contributing to the loss of physical performance and associated subjective complaints. This complexity leads performed over time, to solve existing problems.

Ooh, that sounds very interesting, can you tell me more?

MAT does not force change on the body but works with it to make improvements, strategically negotiating changes in motion via improvements in muscle contraction. If any intervention is made and motion decreases, and/or muscle contraction efficiency is lost, then it is interpreted and respected that the body is not ready to accept the change at this time and new decisions are made to move the body towards increased motion, and increased symmetry, with improved contraction

For a more in depth explanation please go to http://www.muscleactivation.com/

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