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Do you eat apples? I much prefer veggies, but days like this are just right for a chilled apple straight from the fridge.
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Exercise in the heat?

Intervals this week was Tuesday morning, so not quite as toasty as today.
If you simply MUST exercise then be sensible.
I chose a shaded route, and the resting periods were loose, allowing everyone to choose how much rest they had.

As for me, I’m running earlier in the day. Probably not quite early enough as at 9am it was already 28 degrees, but I do like the heat.
I aimed to take it on the easy side but did get a bit carried away, so I walked for two minutes as then picked up the run again.
Avoiding exercise completely is not ideal because it is by doing some exercise that we get more used to coping with the heat, and there are plenty of health benefits from lower intensity movements. A five minute stroll at lunch, or wait until this evening and have a gentle bike ride.
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Maybe I’m being lazy in sharing The Fitness Chef again, but he writes so, err, eloquently.
He certainly gets the right message across
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Amazing news!
This is so good for this wonderful town we live in.
Please take the time to read the article as it explains the massive potential for improving the lives of everyone around us.
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“What is wrong with this picture?” Was the question I was asked.


Yin and Yang.
An understanding that seeming opposites can be complementary.

The exact opposite of our current polarised society where it seems that if you are for one thing then you must be against the opposite.

But that isn’t how the world works. It shouldn’t be how we work.

I like the idea that it is a big deal that I’m seen wearing ‘normal’ trainers (albeit ones that I bought over a decade ago. Now that’s a bargain).

And I was in a shop that sells evil running shoes. No I wasn’t. Shoes aren’t evil!

I like running barefoot.
I love the feeling, the connection I get with the world around me.
They work for me.

That doesn’t mean they will suit you. Maybe they will, maybe a small amount of strength training barefoot will give you benefits without breaking down?

The idea that one is better than the other is misplaced. Right now, with a calf that is nowhere near as broken as on Sunday, shoes with a slight heel raise reduce the stress in the lower leg so I can recover more quickly.

Train with me and you will soon understand that there aren’t black and white answers to most situations.
That the answer may change depending on the current circumstances.
That the question might be wrong.

Thanks to Dionne , Kevin and the rest of the staff at Up & Running Milton Keynes for a long overdue chat and a lesson in modern GPS watches.