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Inspiring Health Solutions
17 of us powering up the ZigZags today.
Yes, intervals are challenging but... perhaps not in the way you expect.
We did just two repeats at full effort.
Before that was a lot of preparation:
Some easy running
Then short runs up half a slope as we built on power development, gradually increasing the stride effort and length. Then, and only after a good rest, did we push to the top.
Inspiring Health Solutions
Inspiring Health Solutions
it is what I keep saying. Any exercise will be a step in the right direction, focus first on strength
Inspiring Health Solutions
Inspiring Health Solutions
Do you feel like you are losing control? The week has barely started, and you already have too much to do, more emails to reply to thats there hours in the day, and you have forgotten it in fancy dress for your child at school today?
Take a step back, have a deep breath, focus, and follow these tips.

Doing, doing, done: how to tackle your to-do lists

Make your admin visible to others, as well as to yourself
We tend to keep to-do lists in our phones or in our heads. Write a detailed one and put it on the fridge, then refer to it when others ask you to help out with something. It’ll help stop the list from growing.

Think about areas in your life where you function well, and borrow the same techniques for your admin life
For instance, if you go to the same gym class every week, apply some of the same principles to admin: have a scheduled weekly time, keep it to one intense hour, perhaps rope in a friend who can do their admin at the same time (this is something I’ve found particularly effective).

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to hand over a household task to someone else, make sure to hand over the admin surrounding that task as well
For example, if it’s your partner’s job to take the bins out, make sure they are also in charge of noticing when the bin bags are running out and buying new ones.

Mix it up
If you plan a day of nonstop, stress-inducing admin tasks, you will feel so overwhelmed you won’t get through it. Instead, make a simple to-do list of your most vital tasks, but also include what I call your “good day” tasks: these are the things you need to do to make this an enjoyable experience.
It could be something as simple as taking a walk or speaking to a friend, or something more elaborate, like preparing your favourite snack to eat while working your way through the list. If you intersperse admin with “good day” tasks, then it will all start to seem much less painful, and much more manageable.

Avoid it wherever possible
It can be easy to make unnecessary work for yourself but trust that in some situations, things will work out. Say you’ve moved to a new home – trusting that your neighbours know the best day to put the bins out will save you time compared with looking it up online and calling the local council. Remember the internet is not the answer to everything: sometimes the solution is right under your nose.

(Source: Elizabeth Emens)
Inspiring Health Solutions
Inspiring Health Solutions
The dose is the poison. Anything you can consume, in the wrong dose, is poisonous. Yes, even water.
But... get the dose correct and you can eat whatever you want. At a more simplistic level this means you can have your cake and eat it (as long as it is part of an active lifestyle dietarily rich in vegetables with a calorific intake that can be altered to fit the cake in)
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Stay mentally healthy folks!
Inspiring Health Solutions
Inspiring Health Solutions
Fun food facts: The food you eat CANNOT alter your blood pH. anyone telling you otherwise is peddling pseudoscience myths. Ignore them.