Beat The Barge 2016

It was my very great pleasure to sponsor the Redway Runners race ‘Beat The Barge’ on Saturday. Unfortunately the flags that I had ordered especially were not delivered by Parcelforce. Even more annoyingly it was completely avoidable, or at least would have been if i hadn’t been on holiday with very limited phone/web access. But hey-ho, if I had ordered them earlier when I originally thought about it there would not have been an issue. (in other words, I take full responsibility!)
Here is your sneak preview (i will be sponsoring next years event too)
It was a bit of a rushed day as at 10am I was still enjoying the morning sunshine on the coast of North Norfolk.
Jonathan Clements did an amazing job organising the race, and I would also like to thank all the volunteers from the club that guided us and cheered us on.
The event started and finished in the beautiful surroundings of Linford Manor
I wasn’t sure what to expect, and had no idea of the route at all so I guess every twist and turn was a nice surprise. Except the bridge. I presume it was at the turn around point, but there is a little suspension bridge. It is probably fine when you run by yourself, but running over with Nev, our feet out of sync, made me feel sick! The first km had felt fairly easy, but I decided to hold on to Nev for as long as i could, knowing that if i let him get away i would just slow down. As he sped up I had no choice but to stop nattering and get focussed. As we hit the canal after the bridge I went in front, then we closed down on Chris. Negative psychology started taking over by the last 2 miles. “I will catch Jen” got replaced with “no-one will overtake me” which then turned to “just stay in front of Nev” by the last mile, and then I started counting 30 second intervals as I estimated 125 segments for the final 500m. You can see it was challenging in this photo by Tim Mackley
13680056_1144566705564242_5575296052132598347_o very rare to see me not smiling!
I shouldn’t forget to mention the barge itself, even if it wasn’t festooned with flags. This did mean it was invisible to the runners until Michelle started hitting us with burst of water. next year I will see if i can find her a water cannon, the pistol wasn’t enough.
First home, by quite some way, was Ben Fairhall in 26:43, with Jen Sangster first female and 7th overall in 33:45. 13908866_1144566218897624_3230097378244526086_o jen
I was very pleased with 9th place in 34:36
Extra congratulations to The Willetts who won my prize in the raffle – a month of free training ?
and keep an eye on the Redway Runners race page – there are only 100 entrants and I would love to see you there next year

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